Where to Stay in Mumbai?

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where to stay in mumbaiMumbai is known for both – luxury and hardships. And as such, you can find the best of star hotels in mumbai, and also low priced hotels and hostels. You can also find some couchsurfers who would be ready to host you for free. So, basically it depends on what you want.

Where to Stay in Mumbai

Luxury Hotels in Mumbai

These are basically the 5 star hotels. They are located primarily near the airport and south Mumbai. Anything in these hotels would set you back by at-least 10,000 INR (150 USD) per day. But the quality and comfort provided would also be exclusive. Some of the Well Known 5 star hotels in Mumbai are Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Oberoi Hotel, JW Marriot Hotel, St Regis Hotel, Taj Lands End Hotel, Rodas – An Ecotel Hotel.

Number of 5 Star Hotels in Mumbai : ~ 40

Places with Most 5 Star Hotels : Andheri, Powai, Colaba

Excellent Hotels in Mumbai

These are the 3 Star and 4 Star Hotels in Mumbai.They are again very good hotels but do not go over and above in their offerings. I would say if you are a little tight on the budget and want the best stay, then opt for these. As there are plenty to choose from and are available right across the city. The average rate for these hotels should be around 5,000 to 8,000 INR (or 75 to 100 USD) per day. Some of the best 3 and 4 star hotels are The Fern – Goregaon, Ibis Hotel, Ambassador Hotel, Trident Hotel, Ramada Hotel, Sahil Hotel, Holiday Inn, Hotel Marine Plaza, Courtyard By Mariott, WaterStones Hotel.

Number of 4 Star Hotels in Mumbai : ~ 50

Number of 3 Star Hotels in Mumbai : ~ 400

Places with Most 4 Star Hotels : Mumbai Central, Airoli, Juhu

Places with Most 3 Star Hotels : Andheri East, Andheri, Colaba

Good Low Priced Hotels in Mumbai

These are the 2 star and 1 Star hotels that might not be able to delight you, but still are a fairly ok. Look at these if you need to
have a roof on your head for a couple of days and stay at a comfortable but good place. The per day tariff for these hotels range from 1,000 to 5,000 INR (or 15 to 75 USD). If you put little effort you might even be able to land a bonus deal as a handful of these hotels can be quite excellent. They too are spread across the city, but majorly concentrated near airport. Some of the good low priced hotels in this category are Hotel Aircraft International, U-tan Sea Resort, Hotel KumKum, Carlton Hotel, Sea Green South Hotel. Then you also have a good number of dormitories in mumbai specially near bandra.

Number of 2 Star Hotels in Mumbai : ~ 293

Number of 1 Star Hotels in Mumbai : ~ 121

Places with Most 2 Star Hotels : Andheri, Bandra, Marine Lines, Dadar

Places with Most 1 Star Hotels : Andheri, VT Station, Mumbai Central, Dadar, Chembur, Navi Mumbai

Free Accommodations

For those who do not want to pay even for the budget hotels, you will have to find free places to stay in mumbai. If you are lucky, you may strike gold. However, we do not recommend these types of accommodations specially for women travellers. Though mumbai is generally a safe city, but you should avoid these under general circumstances. However, we would still tell you places of these kinds in mumbai. First is the accommodations through couch surfing. Then there are Gurudwaras and Trusts which offer free stay for those who have come for cancer operations etc. Though, it might work out, but the time and effort to find such accommodation might not be worth. So, best would be to go with a dormitory.


Overall, there are different types of tourists and travelers coming to mumbai. There are people from foreign countries, from neighboring states, from  nearby cities. And there are all kinds of accommodations available in the city for all of you. Our recommendation for most would be to go for a 3 star hotel, because they are good and also offers great value for money. You can live tension free and spend the saved cash on useful and high priority things. There are lot of sites that can be used to book your travel and stay in mumbai. However, we suggest you to use these local sites as they offer the best deals. Further, you can browse in incognito tab for the site to not identify you as they generally surge the rates if there is a higher traffic from a user.

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