Where to Live in Mumbai?

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where to live in mumbaiMumbai is perhaps the only place in India where you would find a luxury hotel and a slum existing side by side. What it means is that the land here is very scarce. If you can buy a flat in mumbai then you are a rich guy. Atleast, this is what the population thinks here. All this might scare you a little, but to be frank, the real in mumbai estate is pretty costly. Actually, it is one of the costliest cities in the world. see the cost of living in mumbai and you would see that more than half your expenses are from the rental payments. However, there is some relief in the rates once you move toward the outskirts of the city. Hence, you would have to do a tradeoff between the facilities, travel, comfort and lifestyle, if you cannot afford super expensive but modest flats in the city centre. Or live the rental way till you save enough to buy one.
Having said that, not all places suit everyone. Expats like living in a uptown neighborhood. Bachelors like to live in a place with least interruptions and most active neighborhoods. And families want to live in a cosy and safe place with all kinds of facilities with a limited budget. Lets see what are the places for each one of them.

Where to Live in Mumbai

Places for Expats and Foreigners

The best places for expats and foreigners to live in mumbai are powai, bandra, juhu, malabar hill, khar etc. These places have the most posh places to live and provide amazing comfort and lifestyle. You would also rub shoulders with other expats in the city when you live here. You can find good number of restaurants, gated complex, modern apartments, less traffic and easy commute to offices from these places. Further, you can find good schools for your children, multi cuisine food, parks, hospitals, mnc offices nearby. Cleanliness and Hygiene are also top notch in these localities as the municipal corporations are a little wary of the vips staying in these areas.

Places for Bachelors

One of the major problems faced by bachelors in mumbai, when the first arrive is accomodation. Most of the apartments in mumbai have a society and they generally have a ‘No Bachelors’ policy. In such a scenario, bachelors have to find those scarce buildings and societies that are fine to have a bachelor rent their apartment. Or find buildings where the society is not yet formed. Even when the society has no objections for bachelors, some flat owners are less inclined to rent their properties to bachelors.
Still there are areas where you can find properties for bachelors in mumbai . They are Thane(W), Kopar Kahirane, Andheri(E), Powai, Chembur. All of these listed areas have good number of flats that can be rented by bachelors or single folks.

Places for Families

Here, in this section, we are not considering Super Wealthy Families as they again can live in places identied for expats above. Generally, most of the families in mumbai prefer to live in suburbs. Either western or central suburbs. These are the places with comparitively less costly property rates and all basic facilities like schools, colleges, hospitals, groceries, gated communities, temples, markets, public commute.You would see them a lot in places like Malad, Goregaon, Andheri, Thane, Ghatkopar, Vashi, Kandivali, Bhandup etc. To name very specific townships in these localities, they are Thakur Complex, Lokhandwala, JB Nagar.


Overall, most of the private offices are located in areas like Andheri, Bandra, Airoli, Dadar and Thane. And government offices are located in south Mumbai. Hence, you can choose to live in any place of your choice that offers a good commute to these locations or your work place. The property rates have somewhat stabilized in most of the places in mumbai except Navi Mumbai, where the rates are growing.So, you cannot expect to invest in a flat for return purposes in mumbai.
In case, you want to further decrease your cost, you can go more towards the exterior of the city. However, your commute time might increase and you might have to spend atleast 2 hrs travelling one side, if you move further than the places listed above.
Apart from the above criteria, one may also choose to live in a community similar to theirs. For example, some places in mumbai have more gujratis that other areas, few places have muslims as a majority, a handful have concentrated population of maharashtrians, and similarly there might be places with more marwaris, punjabis, bengalis, sindhis etc. However, as mumbai is a cosmopolitan city, we do not suggest you to choose an area based on community concentrations. The city’s strength is its diversity and you should add to its diversity too.

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