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mumbai near the arabian sea Mumbai is located in India, in Asia.The world has become smaller. However, it is still big enough that lot of people might not know the exact location of Mumbai. And this is completely fine, given the fact – everyone need not know every place on the planet. Now, the people unaware of Mumbai’s location can be from – foreign countries, neighboring countries or same country different state. In fact, some people in same state also might not be aware of the city’s location in a map. Hence, we are providing the exact location of Mumbai on a map in different contexts – Mumbai’s location on the world map, Mumbai’s location on Asia Map and Mumbai’s location on India Map. Further, we will use some innovative ways to describe Mumbai’s location. All this would help you to get a fair idea of Mumbai’s position.

Location of Mumbai Geographically

This is the most obvious and easiest way to show Mumbai’s location. We will show Mumbai’s location in : world map, Asia map, and India map. The Mumbai city is marked in Green in all the maps.

Mumbai’s Location on the World Map

mumbai location in world map As can be seen in the map, Mumbai is located in the western part of India. Some of the famous cities of world near to Mumbai are Dubai and Singapore. Cities like New York, Sao Paulo, London and Sydney are quite far from Bombay.

Also, as you can see in the map above, Mumbai is not very far from the equator. Hence, the place has approximately 12 hrs of sunlight per day throughout the year. Also, it does not experience extreme temperatures. The temperature range of the city is between 15 °C to 35 ° C for most of the year. However, it does rain quite heavily in monsoon period i.e June to September.

Mumbai’s Location on Asia Map

mumbai location in asia map As you can see, Mumbai is situated very near to the Arabian Sea. Also, it is located near the west coast of India, in South Asia. Hence, the climate in Mumbai is somewhat warm and humid.

Mumbai’s Location on India Map

mumbai location in india map The city is placed on the western coast of India. It lies in the konkan region in the state of Maharashtra. The cities in India, which are close to Bombay, are Pune, Surat, Goa, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad etc. Although, the financial capital of the country, it is not the national capital of India. New Delhi is the national capital of the country in which Mumbai lies.

Location of Mumbai Contextually

Sometimes, we can get idea of a person’s location from his language or food very easily. Similarly, we can also understand his origin from his attire or looks. Likewise, we can also understand about a city’s location from things related to it. The related things can be famous people, well known attractions, top institutes, language etc. Hence, we are providing you with world famous names from the city.

By People

Sachin Tendulkar(God of Cricket), Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan( actors in Bollywod) and Ratan Tata( ex chairman of Tata Group) are famous residents of Mumbai.

By Famous Attractions

Gateway of India, Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Marine Drive, Dharavi etc are all located in Mumbai.

By Transport

Have you heard of the Mumbai local train?. It is the lifeline of the city. In fact, around 10 million people use it daily for their commute.

By Institutes

Indian Institute of Technology Bombay or IIT-Bombay, is the top Engineering College of Mumbai and of the country.

By Food

People here can live on a cutting Chai(tea variant) and a plate of Vada Pav. Vada Pav is the most famous street food of mumbai.

By Language

The people here mainly speak Hindi. Actually, Hindi is the 3rd most spoken language in the world. Close to 700 million people speak Hindi in the world. Marathi and English are some other languages spoken in Mumbai.

Mumbai’s Coordinates and Mumbai’s Map

Finally, coming to the most formal explanation to the Mumbai’s location. Longitude of Mumbai is 72.8776559. Latitude of Mumbai is 19.0759837. It has an average elevation of 14m. And here is Mumbai and its nearby Areas i.e Navi Mumbai, Thane, Mira Bhayander.

Mumbai City Map


1. Where is Mumbai in the World ? Mumbai is in southern Asia and is located on the western coast of India.

2. Which Country is Mumbai in ?

Mumbai is in India.

3. Where is Mumbai located geographically ?

Geographically, Mumbai is located at longitude of 72.8776559 and latitude of 19.0759837.

4. Is it Bombay or Mumbai ?

Bombay is the former or old name of Mumbai. However, a lot of people still use Bombay to refer to Mumbai.

5. What can you see in Mumbai ?

The best places to see in Bombay are Gateway of India, Marine Drive, Hanging Gardens, Girgaum Chowpatty, Dhobi Ghat, Siddhivinayak Temple, Goregaon Film City 6. What is Mumbai famous for ?

Mumbai is famous for the Dabbawalas, Local Trains, Vada Pav, Cutting Chai, Bollywood Industry and the spirit of its people.

7. Which is state of Mumbai ?

Mumbai is located in Maharashtra State of India.

8. Is Mumbai a safe city ?

Generally, Mumbai is a safe city. But one should still follow standard safety precautions like : not venturing out after 9 pm, not carry lot of cash, wear a proper native dress, not getting too close or friendly with strangers etc.

9. What language is spoken in Mumbai ? Hindi is most widely spoken in Mumbai. English and Marathi is also spoken to a great extent in Mumbai.

10. Is Mumbai a World City ?

Yes, Mumbai is a world city. It is the economic capital of India and one of the top global cities of the world with lot of MNC’s, Financial Institutions, Corporate HQs and Important Government Offices located in Mumbai. It is one of the most cosmopolitan city in India and in the world. buy printed map of mumbai


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