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In Mumbai, more people know ‘wework’ – the brand compared to ‘coworking’ – the concept. Isn’t it strange ? As a matter of fact, it is. But then, is the hype justified ? To some extent, we would say ‘yes’. WeWork as a brand is less about offering a workplace, but more about providing a place to celebrate your work, live it creatively, and simultaneously create wonderful networks around it. And at the end of the day, go home and sleep till the morning light breaks through your windows.

How is WeWork Mumbai different than other co-working players in the city ?

We visited WeWork’s Mumbai offices and feel that the organization wants to create an extraordinary place to do amazing things. Although, it is a business, they do not seem to be here to make big bucks. They are more about adding value at the the most affordable price possible. If you look at the other players in the market, you would feel that other places are more about business than the connection. On the other side, WeWork Mumbai thrives to make connection with their members and yet offers very much a professional working space in mumbai.

To Whom are WeWork offices in mumbai suited for ?

Although WeWork welcomes all people doing any legitimate businesses that requires an office space, with the current pricing it is suited more to well established businesses, venture backed startups and seasoned freelancers. Only some of its branches like WeWork Thane might be viable for new businesses and new freelancers.

What kind of people use the spaces in WeWork Mumbai ?

Again, there are people from all kinds of domains like startups, product development, consulting, financial services, financial markets, writing, designing, training, multimedia, etc working from WeWork Mumbai offices. You can also spot a lot of foreigners here using their spaces for work. Overall, you will see people from all age groups, both genders, different backgrounds, numerous nationalities and varied interest at WeWork Mumbai. And all this eventually makes up for a great workplace culture.

How good are the workspaces offered by WeWork Mumbai?

We would say ‘WeWork’s Offices in Mumbai are top-notch’. A very high quality setting built to offer best quality in ergonomics and design. They have a creative ambiance, good surroundings, comfortable desk and chairs, brilliant lighting, clean and hygienic workspaces and room, to list a few of the specialties of the places. Their locations too are strategic and allow for easy commute for all.

What are the features, amenities or services offered by WeWork Mumbai ?

Along with the place to work, you will get access to conference rooms, printers, internet, common areas, networking events, 24/7 access to buildings, stationery items, coffee, cookies, mail & package handling, fruit water, front desk service, parking and more. All of this are part of your monthly plan. In addition, some of their offices in mumbai also provide a complimentary gym and an indoor game room. All said, you need to check with the community managers at the respective locations regarding the limit and extent to which you have access to the above services.

What membership options does WeWork offer in its Mumbai offices?

  • Hot Desk – A flexible seat in the hot desk area. You can use any of the available seat in the area, park your laptop and start your day.
  • Dedicated Desk –  A fixed desk with a locker and slightly bigger seating compared to the hot desk. The complimentary access to meeting rooms too would be greater than that with hot desk plan.
  • Private Offices – Want privacy for your work? or Need a Cabin ? They offer a private office enclosed by glasses. Available for 1, 2, 10 or any other seating, as you want.
  • Custom Built out –  Need a specially designed area, floor or building but don’t want to go through the hassle of maintaining it. They offer a custom built for any of your specialized needs and maintain it.

Does WeWork Mumbai give any discounts in plans ? How flexible are they in pricing ?

To be frank, they are open for discussions if you have a value proposition. But you need to have some weight either in terms of size of space, number of seats or period of membership. Something like a single seat for 1 or 2 months would not be able to fetch you any discount. But if you are planning to take the same single seat for 3 to 6 months atleast, then they would readily offer you a small discount of 10% or similar.

And if you want to go with more number of seats or a much higher membership tenure, then too they might provide a higher discount. Example: If you plan to rent an entire floor, there should be very good discounts. The point is larger the tenure or size of the volume of space, more can be the discount. It is just that you need to discuss and negotiate with them if you have a good value proposition in hand.

How can someone take a look at their spaces in Mumbai ?

Well, you need to schedule a meeting with them on any time of your choice. You would receive an automated confirmation post which you can visit their setting at the selected time.  The time selected can be changed too after choosing a slot. The amount of time needed to see the place and discuss with them would be anywhere from 15 mins to 45 mins . For bigger requirement and more detailed discussions, you might need more time.

All Branches of WeWork in Mumbai and their Starting Plans

Overall, they have 9 offices in mumbai. You can select any location based on your preferences. They are present in all areas of mumbai like south mumbai, central mumbai, suburbs, thane and navi mumbai.

All the prices are in INR. Also, the prices are excluding tax. Hence, you need to add tax to the respective figures provided above. Pls make sure to check with respective wework branches to get the latest price quote.

(Note: They do not accept payments in cash)

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