Top 4 Must Have Before Landing in Mumbai

January 15, 2016 Off By mumbaiabout
Mumbai is the economic capital of India. It is visited by 1000’s of people not only from within the country but also from outside the country. There are couple of things which will help you during your stay in the city and will also keep you from potential problems.
  • M-Indicator App
By the name of it, its just an app, but in terms of  usefulness, its significance is visible when you see the services provided. And by the way, its absolutely free to download and use the app. Another advantage is most of the services can be used offline saving your precious mobile battery power.
What are the prominent services and features of the app?
Timings and Fares for : local trains, buses, metro train, taxis, auto rickshaw, mono rail, ferry.
List of emergency numbers in the city like ambulance, blood bank, police, other helplines etc.
A train chat feature included recently, where people can chat directly with other people for queries related to train travel.
A train/travel oriented  map of Mumbai.
Emergency buttons have also been included in the latest version for passengers safety.
List of important places in city which are of tourist importance.
  • Ability to communicate in English or Hindi language
If you are coming to Mumbai and are planning to do something more than just taking pictures of the beautiful city and going back home, then you need to know the language used locally.
Hindi and English are the two majorly used language in Mumbai. With knowledge of either of the two language, you are ready to interact with people here.
Having said that, Hindi is something which 99% of the population understands pushing English to the second most understandable language in the city. There will be places in Mumbai where people would not understand English. But still, majority of the people understand it.
Note:  Although Marathi is the regional language of Mumbai, there are fewer people in the city         who use Marathi for communication.
So, which language can help you communicate properly with the locals?
Rank 1: Hindi(Definitely)
Rank 2: English(At Most Places)
(Not everyone can afford a personal translator 🙂 )


  • A Local contact in Mumbai
Every place is different and has got its own do’s and don’t, which are implicit and are not written in any book or guide. A local contact or friend can provide you with such do’s and don’t and save a lot of problems that can arise from cultural differences.
In 7 out of 10 places, there are  chances of cheating during purchase of goods and services by a foreigner. A local guy can provide real values of goods and services in such cases.( By the way, 7 is just a random number used here as we do not have a statistical data on such incidents, but yes there have been lot of  incidents like this).
An Emergency never knocks and comes. A local contact or friend can provide valuable help during emergency or difficult situations.
( Even without the above needs, a local friend or contact can make you stay memorable )


  • A Place to Stay
There can be times during peak season when hotels would be full and they would also tend to shoot up their prices many folds. Securing you stay not only will saves your money but also will save you from  hardships in finding a place later.
Planning ahead of time would surely give you bargaining power.


Some of the things from the list above like ‘a local contact’ would be more useful for a foreigner than for a person from India itself. However, remaining items like m-indicator, language and advance stay arrangement would be important for everyone visiting Mumbai.Intro Image Credit: Stuart Miles via