5 Top Paying Companies in Mumbai

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Top Paying Companies in Mumbai

When we are talking about so many things in Mumbai, can it happen that we do not talk about money ?. Thougth not the most important thing, remuneration does hold a good weight while selecting potential companies to work with . Hence, for Individuals looking to know which are the highest paying organizations in Mumbai, we present to you the list of companies in Mumbai with highest remuneration. We have included only organizations with considerable number of people (atleast 100), working in their Mumbai Office These organizations are not StartUps.

List of Paymasters in Mumbai


1. Bain & Company 

Domain: Management Consultancy

One of the top notch Management Consultancy in the World, Bain & Company not only provides the best of Compensation, but is also known for its Work Life Balance. Actually, Its work life balance is known to be the best amongst the Tier 1 management Consultancy Firms. It recruits only from the Tier 1 Business Schools in India.

Bain & Co is located in BKC, Bandra in Mumbai.


2. Boston Consulting Group

Domain: Management Consultancy

BCG is yet another Top League Consultancy firm. BCG also offers a fat Pay to its Consultants and Associates joining fresh from College. BCG recruits from Top Business Schools and IITs.

In Mumbai, it operates from its office in Nariman Point.

3. McKinsey & Company

Domain: Management Consultancy

The third in the list is also a Management Consultancy Firm. Mckinsey is known to be a  Great Paymaster. They are also known to produce the highest number of CEOs in the World.

McKinsey & Company is located at Nariman Point.

4. Morgan Stanley

Domain: Financial Services(Investment Banking)

Morgan Stanley recruits for both Technology and Financial Services positions in Mumbai. It hires from top Engineering and B-Schools in India. Apart from the Compensation, they are known to pay big bonuses to their employees.

It has offices in Malad, Mumbai.

5. J P Morgan

Domain: Financial Services(Investment Banking)

Another Investment Bank to make the list, J.P Morgan is one of the most sought after organization. It pays very good remuneration and provides equally good bonus. Similar to Morgan Stanley, J.P Morgan has both the Technology and Financial Services division operating in Mumbai.

It has got good presence in Mumbai with offices in locations like Malad, Powai etc.

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