Top Sports Team/Franchise of Mumbai

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A Sports Team
Owning a sports team has become a status symbol for the uber-rich. From Bollywood stars to business magnets, lot of them own a sports team. And as a matter of fact, the involvement of Bollywood in particular has given a push to the development of these sports. There was a time when, cricket was the only game popular among the masses. Slowly, other games like badminton, football are starting to get some attention. Even Kabaddi has received a whole new look with the help of Pro Kabaddi League.

In all these top league for different games, there has been a team of Mumbai. And not only has it been there, but the Mumbai based teams have showcased nice performances overall.

1. Mumbai Indians – IPL

Game : Cricket
Owner: Reliance Industries
Captain: Rohit Sharma
Coach: Ricky Ponting
Historical Record: 2 Cricket IPL Wins

2. Mumbai City FC – ISL

Game: Football
Owner: Ranbir Kapoor, Kayque G. Saldanha, Bimal Parekh
Head Coach/Manager: Nicolas Anelka
Historical Record: Stands 6th in the ISL rankings

3. U Mumba – Pro Kabbaddi League

Game: Kabaddi
Owner: Ronnie Screwvala
Captain: Anup Kumar
Coach: Ravi Shetty, K Bhaskaram
Historical Record: Champion 2015, Runner Up – 2014

4. Mumbai Rockets  – PBL

Game: Badminton
Owner: Medhavi Sports Pvt. Ltd, Mr. Vagish Pathak and Mr. Akshay Kumar

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