Residential Property Rates in Bhayander

June 21, 2015 Off By mumbaiabout
Property rates in Bhayander have seen a major uptrend in the recent past. It has become one of the favorite destinations for investment following recent additions in the facilities for the agent

It has good railway connectivity and has  local trains starting every 1 hr towards the city. It has nice facilities in the areas of education(Schools and Colleges), healthcare, Entertainment(Multiplex and Malls, Chow-patty, Beaches, Sports Destinations), security. It receives 24 hrs uninterrupted electricity supply. Water supply has also been good(not 24hrs). Bus transport to Western Suburbs and Thane are well managed. Another area of excellence is the Multicultural and Cosmopolitan demographics.

At present, June 2015, the property rate range for east is (Rs 6,127  – Rs 8,688 ) per sq ft , while the range for west is (Rs 6,541 – Rs 10,413 ) per sq ft.

Trends can be seen below: Source

Bhayander East Property Trends Bhayander East Property Trends(Per Sq ft)[/caption]

Bhayander West Property Trend Bhayander West Property  Trend(Per Sq ft)[/caption]