Top 4 Private Safe Deposit Lockers in Mumbai

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Private Safe Deposit Locker in Mumbai Lets admit, the odds of any ordinary person getting a new locker in a bank today, is very very low. But then, there are some who claim that there are still ways to grab a new locker in a bank, in the current times. To be frank, there are ways, but only for those ready to put millions of rupees in the bank or those who have some serious influence and contacts in banks at the senior management level. In PSU banks, even your elite contacts might have a hard time working out a vault facility for you. After bank lockers, private safe deposit locker can be the best option to safeguard your jewellery and other important documents.

The Second Best Option

Having tried your hands to get a new locker in a bank and only returning empty handed each time, you might get a feeling of doing away with owning a locker. Just at this point, the private security lockers comes into picture with a little premium. However, this premium is far far lower compared to the clandestine requirements to get a bank locker. And there are different players in this domain in Mumbai. So, you can choose as per your requirement.

List of Private Safe Deposit Locker in Mumbai

1. India Safety vaults

This is perhaps the first company to have started the trend of ‘private safe deposit locker’ in India. It is one of the oldest and well known player in the field, with its mumbai(kemps Corner) branch running since 1986. A quick glance on its website assures you of the highest security standards. In fact, it boasts of having better compliance and security standards then the RBI requirements, which makes it even better than the bank safety vaults. The location of this vault is also quite good – Kemps Corner in SoBo(Soouth Bombay). It runs even on public holidays and is open for good amount of time on all days, giving you options to do transactions even in the evening. Lockers are available in all size and shapes to suit one’s requirement. Their rental agreement are generally for 3 years. However, all this does come with a bit of cost attached. Pls find below the details. india safety vault price list Details Address: White Hall (Next to Shalimar Hotel), 143 August Kranti Marg, Kemps Corner, Mumbai – 400 036 Phone: 91-22- 23670451, 91-22- 23642842 Email: Website:

2. Navkettan Lockers

Yet another old player in the category, but very new to the city, navkettan lockers is also located in SoBo. It has been operating in Hyderabad since decades, but has opened its branch in Mumbai in the last 1 year. Now, they have branches in Hyderabad, Secunderabad and Mumbai. The mumbai branch is open 365 days a year. They operate from 8am to 11pm on weekdays. On weekends and public holidays, the timings are from 10 am to 6pm. Their yearly rent varies from 5100 INR for the smallest to 19,500 INR for the largest locker. They provide the lockers at an yearly basis.
 Name  Size  Yearly Rent(INR)
 A  5″ x 7″  5,100
 H1  13″ x 8.5″  8,700
 D  7.5″ x 21″ 10,500
 E  6.5″ x 17″  10,500
 F  11″ x 14″  12,300
 H  13″ x 17″  18,600
 L  16″ x 21″  19,500
 C  5″ x 14″   8,700
 B  6.5″ x 8.5″   6,900
 G  7.5″ x 21″   14,100
Locker sizes and their cost
Details Address: 1, Laxmi Vilas,87, Napean Sea Road, Mumbai 400 006 Phone: +91 22 2364 6300 / 2367 6300 Email: Website:

3. Ajmera Safe

I-safe is a new venture by the Ajmera group. Although Ajmera group is a well reputed organization, its a new player in this field. It operates 365 days a year but with a little reduced work timings compared to the above two players. Their website doees not list any other branch in India apart from the one they have opened in Mumbai. In Mumbai, its located in the very centre at Andheri West(versova). Their rates are a little on the lower side as compared to the other established safe deposit locker in the city.
 Name  Size(MM)  Yearly Cost(INR)
 A  4.92 X 6.89  1,145
 B  6.26 X 8.27  1,431
 C  4.92 X 13.86  2,290
 D  7.44 X 10.35  2,863
 F  10.94 X 13.86  11,450
 G  7.44 X 20.87  12,595
 H  12.64 X 16.69  12,595
 L  15.91 X 20.87   13,740
L2    15.16 X 20.87 13,740
Locker sizes and their costs
Details: Address: Vaults Security LLP.Plot No. 5 & 6, Manish Nagar, Ground Floor, JP Road, Between DN Nager & Versova Metro Station , Versova, Andheri (W), Mumbai – 400 058, India. Phone: +91- 8767203203 Email: Website:

4. Asmita Safety vaults

Asmita group requires no introduction in north mumbai, more so in mira-bhayander specifically. The group created a leasing finance company for providing loans for home buyers and soon also diversified into a vaults leasing company also. It is situated in Mira Road(a rapidly growing locality in north mumbai). Its annual cost and operating timings/days are supposed to be the lowest amongst the 4 vaults listed on this page. For those, looking for affordable costs and who live in the vicinity can make great use of this option. Its vault timings are from 10am to 7pm with Sunday as a holiday. Exact charges can be obtained by further contacting their office. Also, if their ‘Safe Deposit’ numbers are not working, one can try the main ‘Asmita group’ number. Details: Address: Shop No. 2 Asmita Ascon Acres 1 , Naya Nagar, Mira Road (E). Dist. Thane 401 107. Phone: (022) 2855 5855 Email: NA Website:

 Comparing the 4 Safe Deposit Locker Options

 Security  Cost  Location  Uptime
 India Safety Vault ltd  *****  **  ****  *****
 Navkettan Lockers  *****  **  ****  *****
 I-Safe(Ajmera)  ****  ***  ***  ***
 Asmita Safe Vaults  ****  ****  **  **
Safe Deposit Locker Comparison Chart


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