Mumbai to Pune Train Guide (Must See)

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mumbai to pune train There are almost 82 trains from Mumbai to Pune that run on different days of the week. However, not all the trains are going to suit you. In fact, some of the trains are unsuited to everyone. Hence, we are providing you some insights on the Mumbai to Pune trains. We are providing you best train option suited for different types of requirements. An informed decision will help you select the best rail option for your Bombay to Poona travel.

Best Mumbai to Pune Train

The below lists contains the best Mumbai to Pune train based on travel duration, departure time, travel day type and ticket availability. The most famous and best overall train details are also provided.

Best  Mumbai-Pune Train by Travel Duration

As you can see in the chart above, most of the trains take around 3-4 hrs to travel between Mumbai and Pune. There are only 3 trains that takes less than or equal to 3 hrs for the journey. We suggest you to take the Mumbai to Pune trains that takes between 3-4 hrs. In case of ticket availability issues,you can consider travelling in trains that take 4-5 hrs. The 5+ hrs travel time trains are definitely ‘No’.
  • Best Train – The fastest train by travel duration is ‘Zarap-Pune Ganpati Special Fare Special‘ train that take 2 hrs and 45 minutes for the Mumbai Pune rail journey. However, it goes through Panvel in Navi Mumbai. The second fastest train would be ‘Mumbai LLT Secunderabad AC Duronto Express‘, which takes 3 hrs for the journey. It departs from Lokmanya Tilak Terminus near Kurla.
  • Worst Train – The worst trains by travel duration are ‘Indore Pune Express‘ and ‘Bandra Velankanni Special’. Both these trains take around 5 hrs and 40 minutes to travel from Bombay to Poona.

Best  Mumbai to Pune Train By Departure Time

The Mumbai to Pune trains are spread through out the 24 hrs. However, there are certain times of the day when the number of trains are more compared to other times of the day. The maximum number of trains depart from Mumbai in the night. Afternoon and Evening also has good number of trains departing from Bombay. Even in other parts of the day, there are trains leaving for Poona from Mumbai. But having said that, there are certain times of the day, which are more convenient for the travel.
  • Best Train: We suggest you to take a Early Morning Train(4 am to 8 am). As most of the travelers are working in companies in Pune, this would be the best time to travel. As you would be able to get some night sleep in Mumbai and reach your office in Pune in the morning. Catching trains during these time would also help you to avoid the local train rush in Mumbai. The best Mumbai to Pune train for early morning travel would be ‘Indrayani SF Express‘, which departs from Mumbai at 5:40 am and reaches Pune at 9:05 am.
  • Worst Train: The worst time to travel would be to catch a train at around midnight. By this, you would mostly reach Poona at midnight with most of the amenities closed. Also, safety and theft can also be an issue at this time. Furthermore, the rickshaws and private transport would charge very heavy fares as most of the transport would be unavailable during this time. Hence, the worst train to travel by would be  ‘Mumbai LTT Madurai Weekly Express‘, which leaves Bombay at 12:15 am and arrives Poona at 3:50 am.

Best Mumbai To Pune Train By Day

There are Bombay to Pune trains on all 7 days of the week. The maximum number of trains are on Wednesday. Followed by Sunday and Saturday. Tuesday and Thursday have the least number of trains running from Bombay to Poona. Monday and Friday have average number of trains. A  Monday train would be suited for people working in Pune during the weekday. And if you are planning to travel to Pune for travel purposes, then Saturday would be a good option. However, if we were to take a general day for the travel, then Wednesday would be the best option. The reason for selecting Wednesday is the maximum number of trains. As Wednesday has the maximum number of trains, you would easily get a reserved ticket and also the trains would be cleaner. The crowd would also be less on Wednesday.
  • Best Train : As such, the best trains would be ‘Mumbai CSMT Pune Intercity Express‘. It departs from Mumbai at 6:40 am and arrives Poona at 9:57 am. The travel time is also less – around 3 hrs and 20 minutes. For Office People, the Indrayani Express on Monday would be a very good option.
  • Worst Train : Any  Mumbai to Pune train on Thursday would be a bad choice . The number of trains are less and also Pune has a weekly power cut during this day. For people looking to avoid rush, you should try not to travel near weekends i.e Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday.

Best Mumbai-Pune Train By Ticket Availability

Generally, if you try to book a ticket from Mumbai to Pune before a week of travel, you should get a confirm ticket. The availability of tickets for Mumbai to Pune train travel is generally good. Very few trains have very bad availability of tickets for Bombay Poona train Journey. Hence, we suggest you to plan a week ahead and things would be fine.
  • Best Train : ‘Deccan Queen‘ is the best train in terms of ticket availability. One of the reason for this can be the departure time. The train departs at around 5:10 pm and arrives in Pune at 8:25 pm. Evening travel from Mumbai would generally ensure a good availability of ticket.
  • Worst Train : ‘Porbandar Secunderabad Express‘ is the worst train in terms of ticket availability.

Most Famous Mumbai(Bombay)-Pune(Poona)Trains

The most famous trains for Mumbai to Pune journey are Indrayani SF Express, Deccan Queen, Mumbai Pune Intercity SF Express. Deccan Express, Udyan Express and Koyna Express are also some of the other well known Bombay to Poona Trains.

Best Overall Mumbai To Pune Train

If we consider the criteria like punctuality, food, ticket availability, railfanning, safety etc, then the following are the best trains :  Deccan Queen, Palace Queen Humsafar Express, Pragati ExpressSantraGachi Pune Humsafar Express. However, if we were to give you just one name, then its Deccan Queen.

Where to Book Mumbai to Pune Trains

Below are the leading portals to book online train tickets from mumbai to pune. Irctc is the official indian railway website. Rest of the portals are major travel sites in india. If you need to book tickets offline, then you will have to visit any of the nearest train stations in mumbai.


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