25 Famous Mumbai Slangs(Bambaiya or Tapori Language)

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Mumbai has a language of its own. Although not used much in common, it is very famous on the street side. Its also called Topori language or Mumbaiyaa language. Its not to be used for formal or official purpose, and definitely not with elders. It is a bit rude sounding but has got its own style and attitude with it.

Top Bambaiya Language Slangs

1. Bidoo : Mr/Friend

Example: Sahi hai Bidoo ( Its nice friend)

2. Jhakaas: Nice

Example: Jhaakas dikh rela tu ( You are looking nice)

3. Boss: Dude

Example: Boss, ek glass pani de (Give me a glass of water)

4. Watt: Trouble

Example: Arre Watt lag gaya aaj toh (Today we are in trouble)

5. Khallas: Finish

Example: Paise nahi mila toh tu khallas( If you do not give the money than you are finished)

6. Zhandu: Foolish

Example: Arre Zhandu, wahan mat jaa ( Don’t be foolish to go there)

7. Khajoor: Foolish

Example: Abey Khajoor aisa mat kar (Don’t be foolish to do that)

8. Fattu: Afraid Person

Example :Tu fattu hai, tu use nahi mar sakta ( You are too afraid to hit him)

9. Chindi: Miser

Example: Abey Chindi thode toh paise nikal ( you miser atleast put some money)

10. Khalli Peeli: Without any Reason

Example : Khaali peeli apna nuksaan ho gaya( We had to suffer loss without any reason)

11. Kalti: Go Away

Example: Kalti hoja warna thik nahi hoga( Go away otherwise it would not be good)

12. Jhol: Arrange Somehow(possibly through informal route)

Example: Tune mast jhol kiya gaadi ka ( You superbly arranged for the car)

13. Hawa Aane de: Don’t act smart

Example: Jyaada shaana mat ban , hawa aane de ( Don’t try to act smart and leave)

14. Pantar: Friends, Gang, Group

Example: yeh apne pantar log hai (these are my buddies)

15. Fultoo: Complete

Example: yeh toh fultoo gayab ho gaya (he vanished completely)

16. Khopche me le: Take in corner(to smash)

Example: isko khopche me le (Take him to side and give some beating)

17. Raag mat de: Don’t Lie

Example: Jyaada raag mat de ( Don’t Lie so much)

18. Dhakkan: Foolish

Example: Abey Dhakkan, engine chalu kar pehle ( Don’t be foolish to start the car without starting engine)

19. Chamaat: Slap

Example: Ek chaamat de usko (Give him a slap)

20. Dhed Shana: Oversmart

Example: Jyaada Dhed Shana mat ban (Don’t try to become oversmart)

21. Fatte: Nice

Example: kya fatte gaadi liya (He took a nice car)

22. Paplu: Simple

Example: Exam ke questions bahut paplu the ( The questions in exam were very easy)

23. Pandu: Low rank Police official ,  Traffic Police

Example: Arrey chalo pandu aa gaya( Lets go, constable is here)

24. Shaane: Clever Dude

Example: Aey Shaane chal abhi nikal (Dude, come on go now)

25. Locha: Problem

Example: Arre locha ho gaya ek ( A problem got created) mumbai words for kids

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