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mumbai railway mapWant to see and understand the Mumbai Railway Map ? You have come to the right place. The Mumbai Railway Map will provide you details of all the different railway lines operating in mumbai. Basically it includes western, harbour and central line. And also has the details of network that falls under the Indian Railways. You can also call this map the mumbai local map or mumbai train map or mumbai local train map.  Metro line in also shown in the above map.

The Mumbai Railway Map

Mumbai Western Line Map

The mumbai western railway map is shown in light red color. The Churchgate – Borivali and the Churchgate – Dahanu lines on the western route runs side by side till Borivali.

1. Churchgate to Dahanu Fast Line

This is the biggest local line of the western railway. Earlier it used to stretch from Churchgate to Virar. However, later the line was extended upto Dahanu. Currently, there are good number of local trains operating between Dahanu and Churchgate at certain times of the day. This is represented by a light red line in the map.

2. Churchgate to Borivali Slow Line

The majority of the trains from Churchgate are for Borivali, followed by Virar, Bhayander, Andheri and other stations. Most of the trains on the Churchgate to Borivali corridor are slow trains. Slow trains means that the train halts at all the stations on the route. Churchgate Borivali line can be seen in light red dotted line in the suburban local map above.

Mumbai Central Line Map

The central line railway map is shown in green colour.

1. Mumbai CST to Kasara/Khopoli Fast Line

After Kalyan, the central rail diverts into either Kasara or Khopoli. The CST-Kasara/Khopoli line is a fast line and is shown in green line.

2. Mumbai CST to Kalyan Slow Line

The CST to Kalyan route is shown in green dotted line. It is a slow line on the central line of mumbai local.

Mumbai Harbour Line Map

The harbour line local train map route is shown in blue color. The dark blue line shows the rail map route of CST-Panvel line. The light blue line is for the CST – Goregaon corridor.

1. Mumbai CST to Andheri Line

One of the route on harbour Line is the CST to Andheri Line. Recently, it has been extended till Goregaon.

2. Mumbai CST to Panvel Line

This line basically connects South mumbai to Navi mumbai.

Other Local Rail Network in Mumbai

1. Vasai Road to Diva Train Line

The Vasai to Diva line is shown in pink line. It basically connects North Mumbai to Central Mumbai.

2. Thane to Navi Mumbai Line

This line connects Navi mumbai to Thane. It is also called as the Trans Harbour Line. It is depicted by yellow line.

3. Nerul to Uran Line

The Nerul Uran line has been completed and hence will help in further expanding the local train network in mumbai. Yellow Dotted line has been used to represent this line.

Metro Train Network in Mumbai

There are 12 metro lines in mumbai. Out of the 12 metro lines, only 1 has been completed and opened till now. Out of the remaining, 4 are under construction, 4 are in approved status, 1 is in process of tendering, and 2 are in planning.

The current operational metro line is the Versova Ghatkopar Metro Route shown in pink dotted line in the map. The line from Andheri to Mumbai Airport is not completed yet.

Toy Train Network

The Neral – Matheran Train network is a small tourist network route. It runs from Neral to Matheran, a hill spot on the outskirts of mumbai city.

Diva Panvel Network

This line connects Diva to Panvel and further to Roha outside Mumbai. It lies on the Indian Railways Network.


1. How many train lines are there in Mumbai ?

Considering only the major lines, mumbai has 4 lines i.e western, central, harbour and trans-harbour.

2. What are the main railway stations in Mumbai ?

There is nothing like main railway station in mumbai. But Churchgate, CST, Dadar and Andheri are the most prominent stations in Mumbai.

3. What is the speed of local trains in Mumbai ?

Different Rakes has different max speeds. The max speed of the rake is 120 km/hr.

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