All Mumbai Local Train Stations: Western, Central, Harbour and TransHarbour

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mumbai local train stations

Overall, there are more than 100 local train stations on the mumbai suburban train lines. The mumbai suburban network is majorly divided into western line, central line, harbour line and trans-harbour line. Some of the train stations fall under multiple train lines. For example,  Kurla falls on both Central Line and Harbour Line. Similarly, Bandra is on Western line and Harbour line. We have provided the list of all mumbai local trains stations along with their railway line below and their approximate distance from the first station on the route. Generally, the first station is the foremost station towards the up-side(or town side). Also, the major mumbai local train stations on each of the line are marked in bold. The major train stations are  the stations where all local trains halt irrespective of whether the local train is fast or slow.

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Western Line Train Stations
Central Line Train Stations
Harbour Line Train Stations
Trans-Harbour Line Train Stations

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All Mumbai Local Train Stations

1. Western Line Train Stations

The western line runs from Churchgate to Dahanu Road and runs straight with no diversion. The approximate distance covered by the local train on the western line is 124 kms.


2. Central Line Train Stations

The central line runs linearly from CSTM to Kalyan, and then there is a diversion. One route goes till Khopoli and the other one goes till Kasara on the other side. Total network of local trains on central line is around 168 kms.


3. Harbour Line Train Stations

The Harbour Line runs  straight from CSTM to Vadala. And then one line goes towards Andheri and other towards Panvel. Total distance here is roughly 76 kms.


4. Trans Harbour Line Train Stations

The trans harbour line is the newest train line connecting Thane  to Navi Mumbai city. This line is small and covers a network of around 55 kms.


Apart from the above 4 lines, the Nerul Uran line has also been built and after trials this would be the fifth suburban train line in mumbai. The train stations on these line would be Uran, Dongri, Nhava Sheva, Ranjan Pada, Gavan, Kharkopar, Bamandongari, Targhar, Sagar Sangam, Seawood, Belapur and Nerul. And since the city keeps on expanding to meet the growing needs of the population, more train stations would be coming up in the future.

Pls note that we have not covered the train stations of mumbai metro, mono rail  and matheran-neral railway because they do not fall under the mumbai local train stations.

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