Lamington Road (The Famous Electronics Market of Mumbai)

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lamington road

Lamington Road near Grant Road in Mumbai is the most famous place to buy any electronics product in Mumbai. It is also called as the IT Hub of mumbai. The major reason of its pull among the population and visitors is the discount and deals available on this street. The shops in lamington road sell branded as well as non-branded electronic products. The lamington road market is for both retail purchasing and wholesale buying. The street is a good 1 km road streching from Imperial motor store to Iball service centre near grant road.

1. What electronic items can you buy at Lamington Road in Mumbai ?

You can actually expect to buy any electronic product on Lamington Road. The street is lined with shops selling different electonic products. Some of the products are computers, laptops, television, cameras, mobiles, power banks, speakers, mics etc. They also sell accessories of all these items. And they sell outdated electronic parts of radios, tvs, mobiles etc too.

2. Are the products sold by electronic shops in Lamington Road genuine ?

Yes, most of the products that you find here are genuine. However, there has been a few rumours of substandard products too. Hence, you should first have full knowledge of the product that you want to purchase. And check the product and packing properly . To be safe, always ask for a bill for your purchase.

Over and above, you should always visit a couple of stores to see the price range for the product and then buy it to get the best deal.

3. What are the open and close days of electronic shops on Lamington Road ?

The shops on lamington road are operational on all days except Sunday. Even on sunday, 5-10% of the shops are open. But they do not sell on these days. If you happen to go on a Sunday, you can only enquire a bit in the shops that are open.

4. What are the timing of electronic shops on Lamington Road?

Lamington Road follows general operational timings from around 10am to 8pm. However, some shops may have slight variance in the timings based on their feasibility and choice.

5. How can you reach Lamington Road ?

The best way to reach Lamington Road is to take Churchgate bound local and get down at Grant Road station. Lamington Road is just 5 minutes walking from Grant Road Station.

If you happen to come from Central Line, then you can get down at Sandhurst Road and then take a taxi to Lamington Road.

6. Which is the nearest station to Lamington Road ?

Grant Road is the closest station to Lamington Road. It is barely 300 m from Grant Road station on the western line.

7. What are the nearby places of interest near Lamington Road ?

The area near to lamington road does not have much of tourist attractions. It is just a commercial street. However, you can visit some good sweet shops on the street. Apart from this, the place has some old movie theatres like Minerva, Apsara and Novelty.

8. How did the name Lamington Road came into place ?

The street was named after Lord Lamington, who was the Governor of Bombay from 1903 to 1907. Lamington road’s actual name is Dr Babasaheb Bhadkamkar Marg. However, not may people know this name.

9. Does the place have any landmark ?

DB Marg Police station is a police station situated on Lamington Road. You can ask for the police station to anyone if you cannot find the electronic market.

Location of Lamington Road on Map

The location of lamington road is incorrect on google maps. It is offset by around 200 metres. You can use the below map to reach lamington road. You can search for gala electronics for a better location estimate.

General Tips

a. Visit the shop in day light to help you see the product better.
b. Visit multiple shops before making the purchase.
c. Make sure you know something about the product that you are purchasing. If you do not know anything about the product, check with one of your colleagues or friends.
d. Check the online prices to know the product prices on internet.
e. Check the seal and warranty conditions. Do not buy open products.
f. Ask for a price negotiation. Chances are they will offer you a better price than the initial figure.
g. Ask for a bill before paying the money.
h. Take a business card from the shop so that you can call them up for any issues with product later on.

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