How to Travel in Mumbai?

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how to travel in mumbaiEvery city operates differently. Hence, there is a way in which you should travel to get the most efficient travel experience. Pls note that this post is about ‘What is the Best way to travel within Mumbai’, for temporary tourists and permanent inhabitants.

How to Travel in Mumbai

What Transport to Use?

  • Local Trains – One of the most popular transport option in mumbai. Though it is the cheapest form of transport, the steep rise in rush and inadequate arrangement by railways to meet the demands, the trains have actually became a pain for travellers. We would suggest you to avoid local train travelling for the peak hours from morning 7am to 11am , and 5pm to 10pm in the evening. Even when you travel during no non peak hours, it would be better to take a first class ticket or travel in an ac local train for comfort and fair travel experience. Having said all these, it still is the fastest form of transport in mumbai and connects almost all places in the city.
  • Metro Trains – Metro trains have started to surface only in the recent times and only 1 route is operational. Even metro trains see a lot of rush now a days. This option would be slightly better that the local trains. But it operates only from Versova to Ghatkopar currently. And the price too is somewhat average. They follow strict timings like the local trains.
  • Buses –  There are a lot of buses operating within the city. There are state bust, B.E.S.T bus, AC buses etc in the city. If you board from the origin, you might be able to get a seat to sit. Buses are widespread in the city and cover a lot of areas in the city. We would suggest AC buses as they are not very crowded and takes somewhat ok amount of time. However, their charges are a little on the higher side.
  • AutoRickshaws –  This mode of transport is recommended for travel of upto 10 kms. Or may be 15kms. Over 15kms, it may not seem a viable option, when other modes of transport can drop you at your destination for a much optimal cost. However, this mode of transport is quite comfortable. A lot of share rickshaw operates between famous points in the city. So you can check for the same.
  • Taxi – These are the black and yellow taxi operating in mumbai since decades. They operate majorly in the town side and offer similar facilities like the rickshaw but the fare is slightly higher than that of rickshaws.
  • Private Cabs – With a lot of companies venturing into this service, there are lot of cab providers in the city. Ola and Uber are the prominent ones. This is one of the most upcoming and successful form of transport, provided you choose the right options at the right time and are lucky enough to avoid the surge pricing. Again, only their share and low cost options are decently priced. Though comfortable, private cabs might take extra time for bookings and require co-ordination with the driver. We suggest this when you have more than one person traveling with you.
  • Own Vehicle – You can use either your 2 wheeler or 4 wheeler. But the traffic and fuel prices would not be helping you if you want to travel everyday for more than 10-15kms. But if you want to travel 10-15 kms daily with the most comfortable option and do not mind shelling out for fuel and maintenance, then this is not a bad option.

What to Wear while Travelling?

  • Clothes – Youngsters generally wear Jeans and Tshirt in Mumbai. And male adults mainly wear shirts and trousers. Womans wear sarees and Kurta mainly. And we recommend following the same. Additionally. we suggest wearing cotton clothes and they are the best for the environment. People wear shorts at very few places and should generally be avoided.
  • Footwear – Kitos, Sandals and Sport Shoes are the most common non-official footwear in the city. Formal Shoes  are for official and party occasions.
  • Accessories – People wear very little jewelry in mumbai. And noting the numerous incidents of gold snaching etc, we recommend wear very minimum ornaments if required.

When to Travel in Mumbai?

The best time to travel are the non peak hours. A rough time frame would be morning 6am to 8am, afternoon 2pm to 4pm and night 10pm to 11pm. After 11pm, although there is less traffic on roads, it might not be very safe to travel in certain places.

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