Gorai Beach of Mumbai (All You Want to Know)

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gorai beach sunset with boats

Being in the city for a long time, busy with the the daily life and other chores, one tends to forget what is missing – pure fresh air. Sounds ubiquitous, but believe me, it isn’t. And one would agree more after visiting this place. 50% of the refreshment lies in the journey to gorai beach and the remaining half is offered by the beach itself. A much needed break from the city life and providing my body with a dose of simple and pure oxygen, it could not have got better. One distinguishing factor of the beach is that the roads that lead to the place, are in itself as beautiful as the beach.

The Journey to Gorai Beach

The Journey started from the Bhayander flyover near the Golden Nest circle and after crossing the flyover and the maxus mall, it was just greenery all around. As the journey progresses, its more and more flora around you. Encountering century old Peepal trees on the way just brings you so close to the nature and their sight is like a cue, which tells that you are actually away from the hustle and bustle of the city. With every ounce of fuel emptied from my bike tank, there was an equal amount of fresh air supped by my lungs.
There were multiple spots en-route which embodied white from the beautiful salt pans flanking the roads on both side. The British/Portuguese architecture and other old styled houses in the vicinity are like icing on the cake. One should be ready to see a lot of pleasing shades of green, white and browns on the way.

salt pans near uttan road towards gorai beach
Salt Pans
Green trees on uttan road
Trees and Nature

Gorai Beach

The final 500m to reach the sands and see a view with open and clear sky is through a very narrow road, which gives you an experience like flowing through an inverted funnel and falling off to complete freedom. At the end, you are thrown to the unbounded and limitless panorama offered by the beach. I was lucky to be at the place at a time when the tides were rising high enough to wash my senses thoroughly. The sea was garnished with large Ships anchored in the middle of it. Seeing so many beautiful and huge vessels is just so exciting. When you see those ships, you could in fact feel the water tides lashing against the vessels. All this had just made me want to ride a ship some time very soon.
I was with my camera and taking  shots of gorai beach at sunset . I kept clicking pictures till the sun in the frame had evanescence through the bottom edge. During all this time, the cool breeze just kept on flowing silently over the void and over the surfaces of everything. On the other hand, the happy and cheerful faces, the tall green coconut trees and  the large black stones i.e everything living and non-living in the area had just become more alive joining a party. A party called Life with Freedom and Infinity.

Kids enjoying on Gorai Beach
People enjoying on the beach
Tall Coconut trees on gorai beach
Tall Green Coconut trees
Big Boats and Ships on Gorai beach
Huge Sea Vessels in the sea

Activities at Gorai Beach

Just because one has come to see the beach does not mandate him to keep gazing at the waters for hrs. This experience is made complete by the small activities available at such places. This beach offers good amount of eating options like chana, chaats, omlettes, icecream, coconut water and cucumber salad. Plenty of resorts border the shores and offer great eating and drinking options. People interested can checkin into these resorts and hotels to get a feel of an extended outing.
This brings to my mind a very popular song from Eagles which says:

“You can check-out any time you like,  But you can never leave! “

Those of the Adventurous type can try a bit of horse riding.
Another unique and good thing about gorai beach is, that you can take your vehicle inside and drive as you like. This is unlike other beaches in mumbai, which does not allow entry of private vehicles.

Exact Location of Gorai Beach

How to Get to Gorai Beach?

Bhayander to Gorai Beach route
Bhayander to Gorai Beach Route Map

There are two ways to reach the place 1. From Bhayander 2. From Borivali
I used the Bhayander route and the google map above describes the route from Bhayander Flyover to Gorai beach.
Distance from Bhayander Stn(W) or Bhayander Flyover : approx 13 kms
Time : 30 mins
Type: Family, Kids, Youngsters
Best Time to visit: Evening 5-6:30 pm

Places of Interest Near Gorai Beach

Essel World
Water Kingdom
Uttan Beach

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