7 Best Food Delivery Apps in Mumbai (Online Ordering)

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The Food Delivery Business in Mumbai has changed tremendously over the course of years. And Competition has played to the advantage of the consumers. There are tons of apps available online for one-click food delivery in Mumbai. Out of those, we bring to you the best that the city has to offer. Download these apps and indulge in the finest savories the mumbai restaurants has to offer. See the best food delivery app in mumbai for online food ordering.

You can also see their websites details below to know more or use the Download links below to download the apps from google playstore.

Top 7 Food Delivery App in Mumbai

1. Swiggy


Swiggy has become a household name in Mumbai. When you want to order online for food in mumbai, Swiggy is the first name that comes up in the mind. Swiggy is a food delivery company that provides door step delivery of food and beverages from your neighborhood restaurants and also from those located at some distance. There is no minimum order required for ordering on swiggy. However, the restaurants at which your order is booked might have some minimum order. In terms of speed of delivery, they are fast and also offers you live order tracking to track your order at any point in time. They also keep on rolling out some or the other offers to keep you happy.

Website: www.swiggy.com

Download Swiggy

2. HolaChef


Holachef made food eating a festival in Mumbai. A new dish every day and that too hot and fresh. Holachef uses a very
unique and signature packaging which keeps the food really fresh and hygenic. Though their pricing seems to be a little
on a premium, but the quality that they deliver is worth every single dime. For those who cannot afford Holachef daily
can still try it every now and then. Since, they have been taken over by FoodPanda, their current status of operations
is unknown.

Website: www.foodpanda.in

Download HolaChef

3. Box8


Before Box8, it was difficult to imagine that dal and rice can be made so tangy and tasty. They not only deliver great
indian cusines in a small tiffix box, but also keep it affordable. Their chutney and salads just adds so much flavour to
traditional indian dishes that you will forget all international dishes. Give it a try. They have good presence in
Mumbai. They are open late nights too till 1 am.

Website: box8.in

Download Box8

4. UberEats


Everyone know Ola and Uber in Mumbai. Yes, the cab service providers. After Ola, Uber has now entered the food
delivery business. Currently, UberEats has partnered with 200 restaurants in the city to offer anytime food with a flat
delivery charge of INR 15 to the consumers. Only condition is that the restuarant you are offering needs to be open at
the time of delivery. UberEats has got absolutely no problems delivering at 3 am midnight. What to Expect from UberEats? You can very well expect the same quality and efficiency coupled with innovative technology as Uber brings to you in cab services. By the way, Mumbai is the first city in India choosen by UberEats for its Entry into the country.

Website: www.ubereats.com

Download UberEats

5. FreshMenu


As the name goes, FreshMenu provides fresh and quality food made by themselves. Their menu will show you a new option each day and keep you entertained with options. However, the quantity might need a check and also the time taken for the delivery might lengthen in some cases. Like other delivery apps, this too comes with live order tracking and other features for a good experience.

Website: www.freshmenu.com

Download FreshMenu

6. Zomato


Zomato has been a market leader in the food businesses in Mumbai. Any restaurant you know by name, Zomato would have it in their list. A big aggregator of all food & beverages in the city, Zomato will gives you hundreds of options to choose from. And better you can see vast amount of details, reviews, photos of these restuarants before you order. Chances are you would know exactly what you are ordering and how the food would be.

Website: www.zomato.com

Download Zomato

7. InnerChef


Inner Chef is yet another leading player in the food delivery business in Mumbai. It offers a wide range of food for all
types of food cravings. A signature dish of theirs is the ‘All Day Detox’, which mainly consists of soups, juices,
smoothies and dessert to give your overworked system a rest and detox you fully. They are present in Swiggy too, so you can either order directly through InnerChef or use Swiggy to make an InnerChef Order.

Website: www.innerchef.com

Download InnerChef


1. Which Food Delivery App in Mumbai delivers food 24 hrs?

UberEats deliver food 24 hrs in mumbai, provided that the restaurant ordered for, is open.

2. Which App can be used for Late night food delivery? 

Box8 is well known for late night deliveries till as long as 1 am in the midnight.

3. Which food delivery is good for daily new recipes ?

HolaChef provides the best of options for new recipes on a regular basis. However, it has now merged with FoodPanda.

4. Which is one food delivery app in mumbai that everyone should have ?

If you need to have just one food delivery app in mumbai, then Swiggy is a good choice.

5. Where can I get tons of options of restaurant with enough reviews to make the best choice?

Zomato food delivery app can provide you with tons of options and reviews for restaurants in mumbai.

6. Which food delivery app in mumbai provides diet friendly and detox menu?

InnerChef has this special ‘All Day Detox’ menu to revitalize and clean your digestive system.

7. Which food delivery app in mumbai can be used for quality food prepared by the company itself ?

FreshMenu, Box8, HolaChef and InnerChef prepare their own food and deliver the same.

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