Top 3 Colleges for Executive MBA in Mumbai

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students of executive mba in mumbai Although Mumbai does not have the likes of ISB and IIM’s for MBA programs, it still has some of the finest B-Schools in the country. There are a couple of institutions, which offers great programs for executive MBA in Mumbai. We will take a look at the top executive management programs in Mumbai. However, Before that let’s first understand the Executive MBA(EMBA) course.

Executive MBA or EMBA or E-MBA

What is an Executive MBA (EMBA) ?

An Executive MBA or EMBA is a post graduation course aimed to prepare professionals for General Management positions in the organizations. The target candidates are working professionals with some managerial or supervisory experience in their firms. The program generally combines online, classroom and industry project based teaching methodology.

EMBA Courses vs Full-time MBA Courses?

An EMBA course is different from the regular full time programs in business schools. In an EMBA, a student is not required to study fulltime during the period of the course. The candidate can continue to work, while doing an EMBA. A full time MBA degree on the other hand, requires the person to leave his job and study full time during the curriculum.

is EMBA same as part time MBA ?

The answer to this question is both, a yes and a no. Yes, because an emba is part time in nature. Student of Executive MBA programs need to attend some classes during the weekends or weekdays. No, because it is not exactly a part time MBA program. A normal part time MBA program is generally a part time version of the full time MBA. It is designed for less experienced candidates.  Whereas, an EMBA is specially for experienced managers and supervisors. In an EMBA degree certificate, there is no mention of part time as it is equivalent to a full-time MBA. A Masters of Business Administration(Executive) degree anytime holds a better weight-age than a part time MBA degree.

What is the Eligibility Criteria for an EMBA?

Mostly, all the top business schools require candidates to possess minimum 5 years of work experience in a managerial or supervisory role. Apart from the work experience, the student should have a graduate degree. The degree can be from any discipline, but it should be from a recognized university.

Top Programs For Executive MBA in Mumbai

SP Jain Executive MBA

The SP Jain School of Global Management is one of the elite B-Schools in India. It is registered as a Higher Education provider in Australia. It also has a license to operate in Singapore and UAE. As such, it can award international degrees(Australian degree) to the students. However, people should not confuse between EMBA and Global MBA. Both are completely different post graduate courses offered by the institution. The EMBA program of SP Jain is aimed to hone exceptional leadership skills in experienced professionals. The program is 18th month long and  uses a hybrid learning model. The model combines online learning, projects and face to face classes. The curriculum is designed to shape you as a world class general manager, provide strong networking opportunities and help you add tremendous value to your organizations. The course can be taken for advancing your careers, developing strong business acumen or gaining exceptional management skills. Although, the course duration is 18 months, you can complete it within 5 years. Actually, this can offer you a great work life balance. Though the fees is around 15 lakhs, SP Jain offers merit based scholarships to deserving candidates. Website: SP Jain EMBA Fees for Course: 14.5 Lakhs Duration: 18 months to 5 years Download Brochure

NMIMS Executive MBA

Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies(NMIMS), like SP Jain is another elite business school in Mumbai. It is also ranked in the top 10 business colleges in the country. NMIMS started its part time course in around 1986 and then redesigned it to today’s EMBA. One can be pretty sure of great infrastructure during the course here. The EMBA program in NMIMS is formulated to inculcate effective managerial skills and competencies. You can either choose single or dual specialization, or opt for a general management. You can complete the course in 15 to 24 months, depending on your preference. Hence, you can find some time to balance between academic obligations and other commitments. Most Notably, the fees is quite less, when compared with other top institutions in the country. Similar to SP Jain, you get a Master of Business Administration(Executive) degree on completion of the course. The eligibility criteria in NMIMS is same as that of SP Jain. Website: Nmims EMBA Fees for Course: 5 Lakh Duration: 15 months -24 months Download Brochure

IIT Bombay(Shailesh J. Mehta School of Management)

The School of Management at IIT-Bombay, in collaboration with Washington University at St Louis has recently started the EMBA program in 2015. The first batch included a very rich and diverse student demographics. Students from various parts of the country and holding senior management positions in various organizations and industries were a part of this batch. In fact, some head of organizations also enrolled for this executive program. The degree offered is first of its kind with degrees from 2 universities.The program is designed to help you drive organizations into greater profitability and allow you to work with greater responsibility and authority. The program duration is 18 months long and mostly does not offer you any kind of flexibility in the time frame. One of the most notable advantages in the course would be the vast pool of networks that the professional will build. They hold the 4 day classes and stay at Taj Lands End in Bandra. The fees here is quite high and hence you should do proper due diligence done before enrolling. Website: IIT Bombay EMBA Fees for Course: 36 Lakhs Duration: 18 months Download Brochure

Other Executive MBA Schools in Mumbai

There are a dozen institutes offering a degree for Executive MBA in Mumbai.However, apart from the above list of colleges, only the following can be looked as last option : KJ Somaiya,TISS, Welingkar, SDA Bocconi. Anything beyond this might not be worth the time and money spent for the degree.


From all the programs above, we highly recommend the E-MBA from SP Jain School of Global Management. NMIMS and IIT-Bombay can be the second options. Anything beyond that is not advised in general circumstances.

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