Bhayander Jesal Park Chowpatty Boating : Experience being Seaborne !

April 10, 2016 Off By mumbaiabout
Boating at Jesal Park Chowpatty in Bhayander

Experiencing the vastness of the sea can be so thrilling. Its not that I haven’t took a ride in a boat before. But its just that the last ride was a long time ago – more than 5 yrs prior. And this one just  happened unplanned at a good time and was worth the time and money spent. A small town – Mira Bhayander, is lucky to have such a liberating activity around the corner.

Explore the Unexplored

Before pushing myself into this small sea vessel, I felt sure of having seen everything that lies around chowpatty. But the ride proved it otherwise. I never knew about the tall skyscrapers that existed at some kms from chowpatty. The sea only shortened the distance and presented those unseen strucutures.
Between Bhayander and Naigaon, there existed a series of island sort of creation and there was always a curiosity to see or know more about them. With this sea trip, though I could not land on those island but was able to see them from a very close distance. A quick search in google will tell you that they are called as Panju Islands.

Be Limitless for 30 mins and Groove to the Music

Though the boat ride lasts for a meagre 30 minutes, its long enough for you to feel the thrill. The bollywood chartbusters just adds to the feel and essence of it. When you are deep inside, the tides become stronger and the various up-down, sideways movements of the boat would increase adding to the fun and tickle you everytime they hit you. Some travellers are even seen dancing on the boat in the centre of the sea. They really must have wanted to extract the most out of their 55 INR.
One of the the fun part enroute is when you would see all kinds of stuffs in the sea from chappals, bottles, wood logs, tree leaves, Shampoo bottle etc. How Strange ! Cannot Imagine that people  throw all these strange kind of stuff  in the seas. You would be surprised to find so many things…not that you have to enjoy seeing those.

How Safe are the Boat Rides?

I did not talk to the person in-charge directly. But a keen observation reflected availibity of following tools for safety purposes: Life Jackets, Tyres, Buoy and Fire Extinguisher. Also, the captain and his crew(atleast one on boat) are known to be good swimmers. And the boat seem to be in nice condition. In short, the boat ride is quite safe.


Location : Bhayander Chowpatty. (Take a rickshaw from Bhayander(E) or take a walk from Bhayander station(E) – 15 mins)
Timings: 4-7pm
Cost : 55 INR per person (approx 1 $US)

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