7 Best Cab Services in Mumbai

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cab services in mumbai

There are a lot of cab services in mumbai. Earlier there used to be just the Black & Yellow taxi(The Kaali Peeli taxi). But now things have changed. There are plethora of taxi services all around the city. And all this makes it very difficult to select a good taxi service for your travel. Well, we will make it a little easy for you by filtering the average ones and only listing the ones who have been in the city for some time now and providing atleast a decent service.

Top 7 Cab Services in Mumbai

1. Ola Cabs

Ola Cabs are a household name today in Mumbai. Earlier, taxis were more synonymous to travel, but now Cab is the way to go. Though both the word mean the same thing. Mumbaikars are now used to have their 4 wheelers come to their doorstep and pick them up. Ola share is one of the most economical way to travel in Mumbai city. However, if one is availing of the share services from ola, he/she must be ready to spend extra time travelling for reaching the destination. For faster transits, you should use their single reserved services like mini, micro, prime, sedan etc.

2. Uber

Similar to Ola, Uber is also a big name not only in Mumbai but around the world. A major differentiator between Ola and Uber would be the quality. Being a US organization, they have kept their standards high since the beginning. For, example, their share rides would only allow for 2 passengers in the back seat. For Ola, it is 3 passengers in the rear seat. The fares for Uber are somewhat similar to Ola, but sometimes they tend to be a little costlier than Ola. Well, there is always a tradeoff between price and service. For its single reserved journey, Uber also offers a range of options to choose from. There are options like Uber Go, Uber Black, Uber Premier and so on.

3. Kaali Peeli

The Kaali Peeli cab is a heritage of mumbai. They have been the oldest cab services in mumbai city. However, since taxi generally operate in the town and rickshaws in mumbai, you would have to specially call them if you stay in suburbs. They have ac and non ac variants but thats it. They do not have a range of offering like Ola and Uber. However, if you need to travel short distance and do not want to go through the hassle of app booking and waiting, just come on the road and take a kaali peeli. There minimum fare is around 20 INR.

4. Meru Cabs

This private cab service has been in service since 2007 in Mumbai. Their fare starts from INR 175 for 9kms. This fare is for the hatchback offering. Other variants like Sedan and SUV would be more costlier. Seeing their success in Mumbai, they have now ventured to other city making it a total of 24 cities in India. They also seem to be using an app for all their cab bookings and their management.

5. Cool Cab

Present in Mumbai since 1997, Cool Cab and their drivers must be knowing all the roads – small and big – by their names. It is a descent cab service well know for their daily Mumbai Pune cab services. Get out of Dadar Railway station on the East side and there would be a line of Cool Cabs waiting for you to ride you to your destination. They also have good and economical airport pickup and drops in Mumbai. A special offering that Cool Cabs provide are their tour packages for various tourist places in and around Mumbai. They have packages for Bollywood Tour, Lonavala , Shirdi, Matheran, Mumbai Darshan etc

6. TABCab

Just like the Meru Cabs, TABCab is one of the oldest private taxi players in Mumbai. They also offer good quality cars for their service but charges slight premium for the same. Ola and Uber have hits these taxi services to some extent. Their lowest offering starts at 90 INR for 4 kms. Some of their recent offers have made them somewhat more economical for slightly longer travels also. Some of the advantages on offer are no surge pricing, no ride time charges and no cancellation charges.

7. Savaari Car Rentals

Savaari is a know brand in the taxi services with their presence in allmost every city in India including Mumbai. They are present in around 98 cities in India. One of the major difference between Savaari and other cab services in mumbai is that Saavari only provides fixed travel packages. They offer local trips to and from airport, and then they have their 4hrs, 8hrs, 12hrs trips and so on. Hence, the best value from their service can be derived only if you are on city tour and have more than 1 person for the travel.  They also provide outstation travel from Mumbai to other cities.

Apart from the above 7 cab services in mumbai, there are others that can be explored. They are apnacabs, priyadarshinitaxi, onesidetaxi, bharattaxi, apollocabs and getmecab. However, these are lesser known taxi services in mumbai.

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