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Whether you have come to Mumbai or You are coming to Mumbai, Whether you are from India or from a foreign country, Saving your hard earned money(for useful things) is something which everyone wants to do. We are listing down the tools through which you can find such free or budgeted accommodation in mumbai.

1. (Free)

DashBoard of showing 25,401 hosts in mumbai

Best option : if you are looking for a stay for upto 3-4 days max. There are lot of people around the world who hosts guests for free. However, this would only work for couple of days. Anything more than that is highly unlikely to work out.

Ideal Time Duration: 2-3 days to a week max. Do check the profiles and references of hosts before approaching them. If things work out, then you can land yourself with a completely free accommodation in mumbai.

2. (Free)

DashBoard of showing 1 Home in Mumbai

This option would cater to only people who like to swap their homes temporarily. You need to have it planned well ahead of time. Good for families or individuals wanting to stay at a foreign city with zero rental.
Detailed Explanation: There is a person having a home in mumbai wanting to go to a place ABC. And suppose you are from the place ABC, you can provide stay at your place to the person from Mumbai and the person from Mumbai would give you permission to stay at his place for the agreed time span. Its more like exchanging homes temporarily. Its a new concept and will take some time to get momentum in India.
Ideal Time Duration: From a couple of days to couple of months.

3. (Budgeted)

Dashboard of showing more than 5000 places to stay in Mumbai

This option is mostly for people who are looking to shift to Mumbai either for employment or studies and are planning to stay for long term i.e atleast couple of months. Short term vacationers may check the feasibility with the owners.
Ideal Time duration: Atleast 1 month min to couple of years.

4. (Budgeted)

Dashboard of airbnb showing around 250 budget places to stay in mumbai

AirBnB is Very Famous with travellers now a days. Be it a time when all the hotels are booked with no room, or if you are looking for a larger space with more home like feel. Check out
You can get places to stay at a cost starting from 10 US$ or 670INR per day. Owners are known to give discount for increased stay period.
Ideal Time Duration: Min 1 day to 1 month.

Other options would be to go and stay in north Mumbai as the accomodation costs would be low but you will be at some distance from the main city and would have to use the local trains to travel. The local trains are not that crowded from 11am to 5pm and can easily be used for travelling during that time period.

Also, some other options can be checked on this link Some of the above portals can be used to find affordable stays not only for Mumbai but also for any city around the world.

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