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mumbai ac local
New Year 2018 gave a new gift to the maximum city. The much awaited AC local train was made operational from January 1st 2018 in Mumbai. The Maharashtra State Education Minister, Mr Vinod Tawde, inaugurated the air-conditioned train by flagging it of from Churchgate to Borivali on 25th December 2017.

Features of the AC local

1. The mumbai ac local have a total of 1,028 seats with an standard carrying capacity of 5,964 passengers.
2. The train will operate at a maximum speed of 100 km/hr.
3. The coaches areequipped with automatic door closure systems, LED-based lighting, LED-based coach identification systems (for alarm chain pulling and door malfunctioning) and emergency talk-back systems. The train will not start if any of the doors are open.
4. The train boasts of modular polycarbonate seats for better comfort and big double sealed glass windows which offers panoramic view to the commuters.
5. The train does not have 1st class or 2nd class. All the compartments are same. Only point to note is that the first and last compartment are reserved for women commuters.
6. The compartments are connected from within and commuters can travel from one compartment to other quite freely.

Route & Timings

Currently, the ac local train is running only on the western line. However, it is expected to be operational on central and harbour lines in the future.

Up Trains
Departure Arrival From To Type
Borivali Churchgate 07:54 08:50 Fast
Virar Churchgate 10:22 11:46 Fast
Virar Churchgate 13.18 14:44 Fast
Virar Churchgate 16:22 17:42 Fast
Borivali Churchgate 18.55 19:44 Fast
Virar Churchgate 21:24 22:48 Fast
Down Trains
Departure Arrival From To Type
Mahalaxhmi Churchgate 06:58 07:50 Slow
Churchgate Churchgate 08:54 10:13 Fast
Churchgate Churchgate 11:50 13:05 Fast
Churchgate Churchgate 14:55 16:12 Fast
Churchgate Churchgate 17:49 18:41 Fast
Churchgate Churchgate 19:49 21:15 Fast

All the trains are fast except the train from Mahalakshmi to Borivali. Currently, the ac trains are operational only on the weekdays and are left for maintenance on the weekends.


The planned fare for the ac local is 1.3 times the first class fare. However, the railways have reduced the fare to 1.2 times in the initial phases to attract more commuters.

Below are the fares in INR.

From To Single Weekly Forthnightly Monthly
CCG MMCT 60 285 430 570
CCG DDR 85 445 630 820
CCG BA 85 445 630 820
CCG ADH 125 655 945 1240
CCG BVI 165 855 1245 1640
CCG BYR 175 905 1325 1745
CCG BSR 195 1035 1505 1975
CCG VR 205 1070 1555 2040

Purchasing the Ticket

The tickets can be purchased directly from the station ticket counters.  The First Class ticket holders can travel directly and pay the difference to the onboard Ticket Checker. However,  the first class pass holders, cannot travel directly on the ac local train.
Currently, only the following ticket types are available : Single, Weekly, Fortnightly and Monthly.
Commuters can also buy the tickets from the UTS app

Benefits and Advantages

1. The number of deaths by falling from the train can probably be reduced by ac local trains, as the doors are closed in these trains.
2. AC local trains would be a great relief to the commuters from the heat and humidity of the city, more during the summers.
This adds to a world class infrastructure being offered in the city and providing a top class experience in travel

The Road Ahead

The response so far, from the commuters have not be very satisfactory. Some of the reasons are the high fare and limited number of services. The railways have opened a forum for ideas from the public to revamp the operations and make the mumbai ac local a big success. The operations are expected to grow and improve further in the years to come.


1. Are the Mumbai AC local train services available in central and harbor line ?
No, the ac local train services are currently available only in western line(between Churchgate and Virar).

2. Are the AC local fast or slow?
All the AC locals, except the one operating between Mahalaxmi and Borivali, are fast. To be Precise, they are superfast i.e F*. They are fast even between Bombay Central and Churchgate. They are fast between Borivali and Virar too. This means that the trains currently do not stop at stations like Grant Road, Charni Road, Marine Lines, Dahisar, Miraroad.

3. Can the First class ticket holders travel in AC local train?
Yes, First Class Ticket Holder can travel in AC Local train. To be specific, only if you hold a First class ticket, you can travel in AC local. However, if you hold a Season Ticket(Monthly,Quarterly etc) for First Class, you cannot travel in AC local.
Also, those holding a First Class ticket need to pay the difference in fare between AC and First Classfare to the Ticket Checker On-Board the train.

4. Can First Class Season Ticket Holders travel in the AC Local Train?
No, Season ticket holders cannot travel in AC local train and would be fined, if they travel on AC Local using the first class Pass.

5. Where can the First Class Monthly pass be converted into a AC Pass?
The Season Ticket Holder needs to visit one of the station ticket counter for the same.

5. Can First Class Pass Be converted to AC Local Pass?
Yes, But only Monthly First Class Pass can be converted to AC Local Pass after paying the difference. If you hold a Quarterly Season Ticket of First Class, it cannot be converted to AC Local Season Ticket.
Even for Conversion of First Class Monthly Pass to AC local pass, there are some clauses, which should be checked by the commuter during the conversion.

6. Can the ticket for AC Local be Booked online?
Yes, via the mobile App UTS, ac local train tickets can be booked.

7. For which Different OS are the UTS app available?
Currently, the UTS app is available only for android and windows phone. IOS(Iphone) users cannot use the UTS app.

8. Where can people provide suggestions to improve the Mumbai AC Local service?
People can provide their suggestions and feedback for the ac local train services on the below page of the Western Railway.,7,677


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