10 Amazing Facts About Mumbai

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facts about mumbai

You think that you know everything about mumbai ? Perhaps Not. There are a lot of things about Mumbai that many people don’t know about. But we are here today and we will bring to you some amazing facts about the maximum city. May be you can then check up these mind boggling facts about bombay with your friends and colleauges. And to your surprise, most of them would not be aware of these lesser known pieces of information about mumbai.

The 10 Facts About Mumbai Everyone Should Know

1. Mumbai was formed from 7 separate Islands.

7 islands of mumbai

Mumbai in older days was not how it looks today. There was a time when the city of mumbai consisted of 7 separate islands. A land reclamantion project was undertaken in early 1800’s, and a single land mass resulted from the efforts. That single piece of land is now known as mumbai or bombay.

2. The people here work the longest in the world.

A lot of people know that the city of mumbai never sleeps. But the city is nothing but its people. And according to a recent research(year 2018),  the people of mumbai works the maximum number of hours per year in the world. Mumbai may work the hardest in the world, but the city is also known to party harder. Hope that balances out the hard work.

3. Population of Mumbai is Greater than the population of 175 countries of the world.

people of mumbai

People go where there is a calling for their work. Thousands of migrants come to mumbai each day with nothing but dreams. Dreams to make it big in life. And during the process, the city’s population has surpassed the population of countries like Sri Lanka, Australia, Belgium, Sweden and many more well known countries of the world. As per statistics of 2018, the population of mumbai is close to 2 crore.

4. The budget of BMC(city’s civic body) is greater than the budget of 11 states of the country

The city of mumbai is maintained and run by the BMC(Brihan Mumbai Corporation) – a civic body in mumbai. The budget for BMC for the year 2018 was roughly 28,0000 crore INR. Due to the massive size and population of the city, a lot is spent on its day to day operations. The massive budget of BMC is more than the budget of states in India like Goa, Punjab, Arunachal Pradesh etc

5. The complete city of mumbai was once rented out for just 10 £ per year

The city of Bombay was given to King Charles II of England as part of dowry when he got married to Caherine of Braganza. However, after 7-8 year from that date, King Charles II handed over the territory of Bombay to the East IndiaCompany for a rent of 10 £ an year. And now, the city is one of the most expensive places to live in the world.

6. The First double century in  history of One Day International Cricket was made in Mumbai

wankhede stadium in mumbai


The fans of cricket know SachinTendulkar as the first player to score a double century in an ODI. However, even before Sachin Scored a double ton, Belinda Clarke from Australia scored the first double century in the history of ODI match in a match played against Denmark in Mumbai. Though, it was a women’s ODI, it still woud be the first ever double ton in an ODI match.

7. Mumbai Samachar is the oldest daily publication in entire Asia

In the year 1812, Fardunjee Murzban started a gujrati printing press in Mumbai and launched Bombay Samachar. This publication is the oldest publication in Asia and is still a major daily from Mumbai.

8. The Longest Sea Bridge of India is Located in Mumbai

bandra worli sea link

You all must have seen this bridge from mumbai that hangs from hundreds of cables in the sea. But not many would know that, it is the longest sea bridge in India. The length of the Bandra Worli Sea Bridge is around 5.6 kms. The mumbai trans harbour bridge(proposed) would become(once completed) the longest bridge after Bandra Worli Sea Bridge . The length of trans harbour bridge(proposed) would be 21.8 kms.

9. India’a first 5-Star Hotel was built in Mumbai

taj mahal hotel in mumbai

Did you know that the Taj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai was the first 5-Star Hotel built in India. It is said that, In the earlier days, very few hotels permitted entry to Indian people. Jamshedji Tata – the Founder of Taj Mahal Hotel, himself was denied entry into one of the hotels in mumbai. And hence, he founded this magnificent and iconic Hotel near the Gateway of India in 1904.

10. The world’s tallest residential building is located in Mumbai

Due to the sheer size of population in Mumbai and scarcity of space, the city has ventured out to expand vertically. World One Tower(under construction and located in Lower Parel) by the Lodha Group is going to become the tallest residential building in the world with a height of approx 1450 ft. The current tallest residential building is 432 Park Avenue in New York City with a height to approx 1396 ft.


If you knew these facts about mumbai then you are a well informed person. If not, then you should be happy that you now know such amazing things about mumbai. Do not keep these with you, share this article along with the great facts about mumbai with your friends and colleauges too.

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