When Gaurav’s Calling Made him a Visionary in 3D Jewellery Designing

December 26, 2018 Off By mumbaiabout

dad of cad jewelry designingA simple young looking Boy didn’t knew where his creativity will take him, when he started out to venture in 2012. Without any work experience in any of the fields or industry, starting a new work can be daunting. But, he had identified his field of interest and worked hard to first learn it, then learn it better and lastly identify possibilities of disrupting the field.

When asked what makes his company ‘DAD of CAD’ unique. He says ” Nothing, it is just filling the gaps in the industry”. The Jewelry design industry in Mumbai and India, consists of highly creative people. However, these creative people lack technological know how. This is where ‘DAD of CAD’ identified their opportunity and are now one of the leading Jewelry Designers providing 3D Visualizations in the Jewelry Industry.

Though this all sounds simple. But behind the scenes there have been lot of research involved by the company to identify the bottlenecks and pain points in the Industry. And slowly they have learnt and mastered the art of the jewelry visualization.

They now work with some of the leading Indian Brands and MNC Brands. Indian Jewelers of the like of ‘Kalyan Jewelers’ find their designs and visuals quite appealing and have been doing business with ‘DAD of CAD’ since quite some time now.

When asked about the future plans of the Company, he said , “We are not in a hurry to go big. We just want to use our creativity to provide best 3D Designs that works for end users and jewelers. And keep innovating”.

This was the USP of ‘DAD of CAD’ . What is yours? Tell us now and we will tell your audiences.

Contact Details of ‘DAD of CAD’

Website: www.dadofcad.com

YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/dadofcad