Real Cost of Living in Mumbai

Cost of Living in Mumbai

Before deciding to shift to a new city, one needs proper understanding of the general cost of essentials in that city. It would not matter much to those with Fat Pockets. But since you have landed at this page, this should mean that you are not from those millionaires club, unless the reason for you being here is research related activity. We would give you the right picture of the cost of living in mumbai so that you can plan accordingly.

 Cost of Living in Mumbai

What is definition of cost of living? 

The amount of money needed to sustain a certain level of living, including basic expenses such as housing, food, taxes, and healthcare.
Cost of living is often used when comparing how expensive it is to live in one city versus another.

But, Can it be just one set of values of the goods and services?

Although, the above definition is correct, but each person has a different level of living based on comfort and upbringing and of course earning potential.
And for that reason we would some provide multiple values based on the lifestyle choice.

Cost of Living in Mumbai based on locations

Also, when we are talking about Mumbai, we are talking about a city with a size 604 km square. In addition, there are adjoining locations in the outskirts namely : Navi Mumbai and Thane, which does not fall under the Mumbai district officially but are very much a part of Mumbai. And it depends where exactly will you be staying in the Mumbai.
For Instance, If we consider monthly rent, a 1 BHK flat can be obtained in Ambernath for 3500 INR and Nalasopara for 4000 INR. For the same size 1 BHK, you might have to shell out minimum 65,000 INR in areas like Walkeshwar and Kemps Corner.

Our Estimate of Monthly Expense for single person

Cost Item Lower Middle Middle Class Upper Middle Assumptions
 Accomodation(1BHK) 8000 1500030000  A Lower Middle class lifestyle can be lived away from the centre
 Electricity 500 800 1500 Electricity charges increases for Upper Middle considering AC and other applicances
 Internet and Communication 500 1000 2000 Phone and Internet Charges
 Maid 500 1000 2000 Maid for Cleaning
 Transportation 700 1500 4000 More private transportation for Upper Middle class
 Groceries 4000 6000 8000 Food, Personal Care and HealthCare
 Entertainment 2000 4000 6000Restuarant, Movie and Outings
 Total 16200 29300 53500 
The 3 different columns represent 3 different life style choices where for example Upper Middle class lifestyle choice would include living in a posh suburb/locality of the city. Entertainment expenses would go high with inclusion of Expensive Dining, Transportation costs would tend to increase with private transport as seen in the table above.
Also, the above expenditure are for single person. However, with addition of every additional member, the value would not double. It would not be even 1.5 times, as there would be cost synergies attached to calculation. There would be actually no increment in Accommodation expense since 1 BHK can very well accomodate 2-3 members. Even other items would increase by small values only.
As a thumb rule for some approximation, one can multiple the original value by 1.2 for each of the class. So for 2 person living a Lower Middle lifestyle, the total cost would be approx 20K INR.

Housing Rental: Biggest Contributor to Expense in Mumbai

Distribution of Monthly Expense in Mumbai
Cost of Living in Mumbai Distribution
As can be seen in the pie-chart above, the Accommodation expense makes up for around 49% of the total expense. And this is a well understood considering the super high land cost in Mumbai. Apart from Rent, other expenses are nearly the same value as in other cities of India.
Note: The above chart contains data from the first column(Lower Middle: 16200 INR) of the table displayed in previous section.

Effect of Inflation on Cost of Living

Although the Housing Costs in Mumbai have somewhat stabilized in the last 2-3 years, the effect of inflation will be seen on housing and other items which will keep pushing the Overall expenses upwards.

Time for Stats

As per research by, Mumbai is:
1. 1st most expensive city in India (out of 7).
2. 13th most expensive city in Asia (out of 22).
3. 214th most expensive city in the World (out of 245).

Note: The above stats are for a predefined level of living set by them.

Other Useful Data

Table below provides the per sq ft rates for buying Residential Properties in different areas of Mumbai

Central SuburbsCapital Values Rate/Sq ft (INR)
(min / max)
Updated on
Badlapur2800 – 3500Feb 2015
Dombivali4500 – 6000Feb 2015
Ghatkopar12000 – 21000Feb 2015
Ghodbunder Road6000 – 10000Feb 2015
Mulund10000 – 14000Feb 2015
Naupada13000 – 18000Feb 2015
Powai13000 – 20000Feb 2015
Navi MumbaiCapital Values Rate/Sq ft (INR)
(min / max)
Updated on
Kharghar6500 – 9500Feb 2015
Panvel4500 – 6500Feb 2015
Vashi10000 – 15000Feb 2015
South MumbaiCapital Values Rate/Sq ft (INR)
(min / max)
Updated on
Colaba33000 – 48000Feb 2015
Cuffe Parade35000 – 71000Feb 2015
Tardeo40000 – 60000Feb 2015
Western MumbaiCapital Values Rate/Sq ft (INR)
(min / max)
Updated on
Andheri14000 – 21000Feb 2015
Bandra West40000 – 60000Feb 2015
Borivali11000 – 15000Feb 2015
Dahisar8000 – 10000Feb 2015
Goregoan13000 – 15000Feb 2015
Mira Road East5500 – 7500Feb 2015
Virar4500 – 5500Feb 2015
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